Lada Raven Concept – the new Russian supercar?

LADA Raven Supercar Concept

The Russian vehicle manufacturer Lada (AutoVas) hasn’t been known for developing super cars or visionary prototypes, however Russian designer Dmitry Lazarev believes its time his country’s most infamous manufacturer got their act together to develop a proper supercar.

Following the recent bankruptcy of Marussia motors, Russia’s only super car manufacturer, it’s probably time for Lada to enter the premium sports car market.


From the Renderings it appears as though the designer intends on a mid-engine configuration for the Raven. The vehicle features massive gaping grills in the front and large vents in the rear. The enormous wheel arches surround the stunning 5 spoke concave wheels.

The Lada Raven is a stunningly outlandish design. So far there is no word as to whether the Raven will enter production, we can only hope that someday it will.

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