Turn your G35 into a supercar with the Vaydor Infinity body kit


Let’s be honest, total conversion body kits generally look pretty awful; most of these kit cars attempt to imitate European supercars like the Lamborghini Gallardo or Ferrari 458. However, they generally look out of proportion and are left with unfinished interiors. Vaydor Exotics aims to change that perception with their unique total conversion kit based around the Infinity G35.

Dubbed the Vaydor Infinity, the exotic body kit takes the best of all supercars and creates a truly unique vehicle. The body kit comes at a price of ~US$11,000, or for US$15,000, Vaydor will assemble the kit for you. The Interior package comes at an additional cost of US$4,500 and comes with leather and suede wrapped in any colour. The kit comes without paint or wheels, allowing the customer to further customize to their style.

The body kit comes with the following items

  • 1 Main body shell
  • 1 Front clip (fenders and bumper)
  • 2 Door outer/inner, 2 inside door braces
  • 1 Hood skin/inner
  • 1 Roof wing cover, 1 roof wing inner
  • 1 Rear hood skin, 1 rear hood inner
  • 1 Gas filler bucket
  • 2 Side roof rails
  • 2 Lower rocker splitters
  • 2 After-door vents
  • 2 Fender vents
  • 1 Cowl/lower windshield cover
  • 3 Rear exit vents (tail light area)
  • 1 Rear floating wing
  • 1 Front lower splitter
  • 2 Rear fenderwells
  • 1 Front core support
  • 8-point roll cage
  • 2 DOT headlights
  • 1 Center tail light
  • 1 set of “Lambo” door hinges (NEW: Standard Door Swing Hinge Option)
  • 2 Hood hinges and 2 hood latches
  • 1 Windshield

Every body panel is replaced during the conversion, however Vaydor claims the conversion can be completed at home. No chassis stretching or major mechanical modifications are required, as the kit comes largely bolt on. No major electrical modifications are required either; Vaydor claims that you could “leave the car running with the air on while you’re building it”, although we wouldn’t recommend it.

The kit can be applied to both convertible and coupe bodies.