Volkswagen Golf GTi Reifnitz with 272kW!

At the annual Volkswagen enthusiasts get together at Wörthersee, the German brand not only showed case the flaming hot Audi A1 Clubsport (which you can read about here), it has also taken a stock standard Golf GTi and turned it into a pocket rocket!

Called the Golf GTi Reifnitz, the one off is built by the company’s own apprentices. The boys replaced the stock turbo with a Stage 3 turbo kit and intercooler from APR. For good measure, they have also fitted an RSC performance exhaust. All these boosted power output to a monstrous 272kW, 117kW more than the already awesome standard car!

Of course, upping the power without the accompanying visual enhancements is a travesty. So the guys have also fitted the car with an aggressive wide-body aero kit and a new bonnet with twin vents. There are also offset red, white and blue go fast stripes along the length of the car.

The interior has been stripped out and fitted with a roll cage and racing bucket seats, all covered in light but grippy Alcantara.

Check out the gallery below to have a closer look at what may well be the hottest GTi!

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