Luxury Car Maintenance: Why Your Vehicle Needs To Be Checked Every Year

Not everyone can own a luxury car in their lifetime and if you have one, chances are high that you want to keep it in tip-top shape. Taking care of your luxury car means having it checked each year by experts. If you have a Ferrari, Cavallino Motorsport is a specialist that can help you keep your car running smoothly.

A luxury car comes with several additional luxury items and equipment making it more complicated than other cars. These additional parts mean greater chances of trouble if it’s not maintained properly. Thus, regular maintenance should be scheduled for your luxury car.

Here are the reasons why you need regular maintenance instead of just bringing it in when trouble arises:

1. Maintain The Car’s Reliability

The primary reason to take good care of your car is to ensure that you can depend on it anytime. Ensure that all fluid levels are checked and corrected depending on the manufacturer’s directions service intervals particular for the vehicle model and year you have. Check out the owner’s manual for the service schedules needed for your vehicle to keep it running smooth and safe.

It’s best to have your luxury vehicle checked by expert technicians at least once a year. This way, professionals can identify and repair any minor problems before they become major problems.

2. Ensure Smooth Driving And Parking

People choose to ignore the recommended maintenance schedules of their vehicles only to end up paying more for repairs one day. There are four crucial maintenance items, including the brakes, belts, oil, and tires. Even if these are expensive replacements, having them replaced on time can help you prevent blowouts, engine seizures, and crashes.

The best thing to do is to observe your vehicle and decide when it needs attention. For example, when the tread on the tires are already worn off, or the belts squeak, it’s best to act on it immediately before accidents happen.

3. Maintain Its Value

If you’re thinking about selling your Ferrari in the future, having your luxury car maintained by professionals will help ensure that the vehicle keeps its resale value. On the other hand, if you take maintenance for granted, you might end up selling your car at a much lower price than when you got it.

4. Encourage Fuel Economy

Regular upkeep of your luxury vehicle will ensure that you maximise its fuel economy, which means greater savings in the long run. For example, if you make sure that the tire pressure is at the right levels, it can help prevent the vehicle from using excess fuel and energy. In the same way, when the air filter is clogged or when the fuel lines are leaking, your vehicle may use up to 20% more fuel than normal. Although luxury vehicles are made to be efficient and powerful, regular maintenance will ensure that it stays this way.

5. Maintain The Interior Beauty

Regular maintenance of your luxury vehicle isn’t only applicable to its engine and other moving parts. The interior of your vehicle also needs constant upkeep. Steam cleaning at least once each year can make a great difference in keeping your car clean and pretty.

Luxury Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to keep your luxury vehicle well-maintained.

  • Follow The Recommended Maintenance Schedule

The manufacturer knows what’s best for keeping your luxury vehicle in tip-top condition. Thus, it’s best to follow the recommendations as stated in the owner’s manual, which is prepared based on the designer and engineers’ knowledge.

The owner’s manual and guide come with detailed explanations on the maintenance schedule of the vehicle. Following these guidelines will ensure that your luxury vehicle performs best. On the other hand, ignoring them can result to costly repairs that could’ve been avoided.

If you bought your luxury vehicle brand new, it should be covered with warranty for a certain mileage limit or a few years. Together with the warranty, you may also enjoy free services from the dealership where you got your vehicle from. Take advantage of the free services to take extra care of your expensive luxury car.

  • Check Its Lubrication

Cars are made of various metal moving parts, which need appropriate lubrication to ensure that it works properly. Thus, it’s important to add oil in various parts of the car to keep these moving parts working smoothly. The engine is the heart of your car, which regularly needs fresh oil to perform well. Ensure that you use the recommended engine oil for your car.

  • Exercise Gentle Care With Your Car

Luxury cars are designed with great precision and intricate details. Everything inside and outside it should be handled with gentleness. One way to do this is to avoid parking your luxury car at bad parking areas. If you park your car at an awkward angle, this increases the likelihood of it being scratched and chipped by other drivers or passersby.

One thing about luxury cars is that they weigh more than regular cars primarily because of the various luxury equipment inside it. Although you can be sure that the engineers who designed your car has put all the work in keeping everything inside the car intact and everything is durable, you still must take great care in driving. Aside from keeping yourself safe, you’ll also keep your car in perfect condition by avoiding harsh braking, power sliding, or drifting.

Luxury cars are made to be driven with gentleness because it’s not built like a sports car. Aggressive driving habits can be destructive to you and the expensive equipment you have inside your luxury car. Emergency repairs are sure to cost a lot, especially for luxury vehicles. 

Final Thoughts

Owning a luxury car comes with the responsibility of knowing how to take good care of it. The way you treat your luxury car will greatly affect its performance. If you take great care of it, you can be sure to keep it running smoothly and safely. On the other hand, if you take maintenance of your luxury car for granted, you can’t expect to keep your luxury car in top notch condition for long. Regular maintenance of your car with a professional should be a priority if you’d like to keep your luxury car for a long time.