Toyota GR 86 sharpened with lowering KW suspension kit

The Toyota GR 86 is already an excellent package straight out of the factory. With power now coming from a larger 2.4-litre horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine developing 174kW and 250Nm, the rear-wheel drive sports car brings improved performance over the previous generation model.

While the car’s handling has been sharpened as well through new suspension geometry and more rigid components, setting the car up for track still demands a good set of aftermarket adjustable coilover suspension.

KW Suspension has been in the game for a while and knows what it takes to make a good track set up. The KW Clubsport coilovers have just been rolled out for the GR 86 to extract its maximum potential on racetracks and on the street. Developed at the Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit, the new coilovers allow separate adjustment of the rebound and compression.

With the ability to adjust the dampers separately in the rebound, low-speed, and high-speed compression, the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension kit can be adjusted with 16 clicks for comfort or handling bias. A stainless steel threaded strut allows a lowering range between 20 and 50mm on the front axles and 25 and 50mm at the rear axles.

Along with the new product release, KW has showcased a GR 86 that is lowered on the KW Variant 4 coilover suspension. With an aggressive stance, all it needs is a nice set of aftermarket wheels to go with that hunkered down looks.

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