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ForceGT is an independently owned, Australian-based online publication providing an alternative channel for car lovers, enthusiasts or those who just want to learn about cars. We focus on bringing you the latest in car news, reviews, racing, customisation, videos, and projects/builds.

Founded in 2010, ForceGT has quickly gained a following as the alternative platform for everything about cars. We have a large following on both online and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube), with a high level of engagement.

We are passionate about the automotive industry and strive to present articles in an informative, fun and interactive way to our readers.

We welcome any feedback or questions. We make every effort to get our facts right as much as possible. However, if you spot an error, or if you need to contact us please email us here.

Thank you and we hope you have a great experience browsing at ForceGT.

ForceGT Australia
ABN: 80 284 788 770