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Want to drive like a Pro? Or learn all about advanced car control? Driver Dynamics is here to help.

As a proud sponsor of ForceGT’s track reviews, Driver Dynamics is Australia’s No.1 provider of defensive driving, advanced driving, corporate driver training packages, high performance track days and other specialised driving programs.

Driver Dynamics training courses are structured to ensure maximum participant involvement. Various other courses are also available such as Fleet Safety Training, Advanced Car Control Courses, Security/Anti Terrorist Driver Training, Track Days at Sandown and Haunted Hills as well as other special services including Precision Driving Events, Drive Day and Team Building Events.

Driving Courses:


Suitable for any driver aged 16 to 80 (P-plate drivers a specialty) and suitable to most cars including four wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.
Presented in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment by qualified, experienced instructors, with a balanced mixture of theory and practical driving exercises.


A course designed for drivers who wish to take their driving skills to the next level. This course is conducted with a number of exercises at highway speeds. Situations that drivers can cope with calmly and confidently at suburban speeds are totally different at highway speeds.


Have you ever wanted to drive your own car at unrestricted speeds on one of Australia’s best racing circuits? Let your performance car off the leash with a Driver Dynamics track day.

Driver Dynamics provides qualified high performance driving instructors, safety crew including a fully equipped First Intervention Vehicle (FIV), flag marshals, lunch and refreshments. You get a minimum of 20 minutes of free lapping time per hour, and you can have as much professional high performance driver training as you like.

Other Courses:

  • Fleet Safety Training
  • Advanced Car Control Courses
  • Security/Anti Terrorist Driver Training
  • 4WD Driver Training

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