Eagle Talon stuck in the woods for 10 years brought back to life

If you think washing your car for the first time in 3 months is hard work, imagine detailing (yup, a full detail, not just a wash) a car that’s been stuck in the woods untouched for a whole ten years.

It’s no doubt a detailer’s worst nightmare, and that’s exactly what Larry Kosilla of AMMO NYC was contracted to do. This Eagle Talon has been left forgotten in the forest for a decade, with not just vegetation taking over the car but animals and insects have also claimed its interior and engine bay.

According to Larry, this is one of the worst (and most hazardous) car details he has ever worked on. The interior was packed with dead mice and the smell of bacteria and mold was so intense that he had to don full biohazard gear to tackle the job of cleaning everything out.

The goal was to bring this Eagle Talon back to a presentable condition that would allow mechanics to safely repair the sports coupe prior to it being exported to the Caribbean.

Watch the step by step process in the video below.